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Canon software for EOS camera

Downloading updates

You can download Canon software from: Canon USA and/or from Canon Europe site -to name two of them.

Installing updates issue
The problem is, there are updates only -so original software (from CD) is requested to be installed first. I see at least two cases where this can be a problem:
1. You bought your camera second hand -without original CD,
2. Installing „old” software just because updating, well…

Installing update without having original installed

All those updates are actually full applications. Without going into „where & how”, here’s the procedure:

Prepare for installing update
1. Open Notepad and write (or copy/paste into Notepad):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


2.Now save that (as CanonUpdate for example) -where txt extension will be added automatically
3.Rename CanonUpdate.txt into CanonUpdate.reg
4.Now right-click onto CanonUpdate.reg file and select Merge option
5.You’ll be asked if you wish to add into Registry -where you choose Yes (of course)
6.Now you’re ready to install any update, without having original installed.

Example for Windows7 64-bit:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

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